Trainings help build knowledge and design capability to drive ZNE in California

California has ambitious goals around zero net energy (ZNE) buildings, and rightly so. Buildings account for roughly 40% of the carbon emissions in the United States. In order to help policymakers develop ZNE ordinances, building owners to understand the benefits of these ultra-low energy projects, and design teams to successfully achieve ZNE performance, NBI is working with the California Public Utilities Commission and the state investor-owned utilities to offer a series of workshops in 2017.

With a special emphasis on addressing the existing building stock, six workshops on achieving zero net energy in existing buildings will be held. Four specialized workshops for schools and two addressing how building portfolio managers can improve their own building stock and catalyze action on privately owned existing buildings within their jurisdictions. Local government representatives will have two opportunities to gain understanding on how to achieve climate goals through municipal building benchmarking and portfolio analysis, ZNE pilot projects, encouraging ZNE market leadership through recognition, ZNE codes and polices, financial incentives, and other tactics.

For more information on dates and locations, visit

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